EMR Documents: Essential Reports Must-Haves

EMR Documents: Essential Reports Must-Haves

In 2019, nearly 90% office-based physicians in the United States used an EMR or EHR system. On the other hand, the progress of EMRs in the Philippines has endless possibilities yet to be unlocked. So EMRs will be incredibly beneficial for patients, especially if their use spreads throughout the country!



  • Fit to Work
  • Advised to Rest
  • Fit to Travel

Naturally, medical practitioners provide EMR Documents to patients who need them. Of course, many Medical Certificate details overlap with existing patient records. Thus, it’s expected that an EMR can generate a Medical Certificate.

It includes crucial details on the patient, their medical complaints, and the examination. So, with the document, a doctor can clear a patient to work, rest, or travel.

While a record of the Medical Certificate is stored in the EMR, it can be printed out as evidence of illness. And, of course, according to the doctor or physician’s diagnosis, they will provide a prescription.


So, an Electronic Medical Records System can either generate a Prescription Plan or a regular, basic prescription.

Since an EMR can automate data entry and recording, you can also generate and send prescriptions without any fuss. In addition, this EMR Document is perfect for authorizing medication refills quickly! Additionally, you can directly forward a patient’s prescription to partner pharmacies. Thus, upon arrival, all a patient has to do is pay for and pick up their medication.

Lastly, an EMR can track medications and notify you if a patient’s medication might not interact well with other medicines.


However, getting patients to sign this EMR Document may take a while, which may hinder staff during emergencies. Consent may also take time, mainly due to informed consent discussions. Informed consent allows health care professionals to educate patients on a particular procedure. However, in a recent study, 40% of researchers “felt that time constraints were a barrier” when giving Informed Consent discussions.

Additionally, due to Data Privacy concerns, you have to deal with Consent Forms delicately.


Overall, an EMR should be able to keep records and generate the appropriate documents. So, you can count on Electronic Medical Records in the Philippines to keep track of the documents found here!



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