Hiring a Software Developer: Dos and Don’ts

Software Company Hiring Dos and Don’ts:

It takes a Software Developer to pick out the right Software Development Company.

Hiring DO: Get your experienced Devs and CTOs in on the Software Company hiring process.

Hiring DON’T: Leave the hiring to the HR Staff.

Find out about the project duration.

Hiring DO: Learn how long you’ll be working together.

Hiring DON’T: Speed things up.

Come prepared for your hiring interviews!

Hiring DO: Prepare an outline of requirements.

Hiring DON’T: Expect top-quality work despite offering very little information.

Hire the best talent for your company and its projects.

Hiring DO: Prioritize talent over price range.

Hiring DON’T: Let the cheap pricing distract you.

Hiring Software Developers takes time and discernment.



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