HTML Developer Qualities and its Coding Standards

Using HTML to Create Attractive (and SEO-Optimized) Websites on WordPress

HTML Developer Qualities to Look Out For

Has Extensive Knowledge of HTML…

… But Can Code Using More than Just HTML

  • Front-end languages, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, etc.);
  • Front-end technologies (ex. PHP, jQuery, Web APIs, etc.);
  • CSS tools and frameworks;
  • SQL and ASP;
  • CSS and its CSS Preprocessors;
  • HTML Attributes; and
  • Validation Services like CSS and W3C Markup.

Is Familiar with Web Design and its Principles.

Is a Problem Solver.

Has an Eye for Detail.

A Team Player.

Time Management Skills.

Communication Skills.

Has Experience with the WordPress Platform.

Coding Standards for HTML: Best Practices


Self-closing Elements

Source: WordPress.

Attributes and Tags

Source: WordPress.


Source: WordPress.


Source: WordPress.

Find the right HTML Developer Who Can Apply these Standards to WordPress



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