Restaurant Reservation Plugin Installation Guide

Installing the eaSYNC Restaurant Reservation Plugin

eaSYNC Restaurant Reservation Plugin Installation Guide

Click Add Now
Install and Activate the eaSYNC Booking Plugin
Instructions on How to Use the eaSYNC Booking Plugin

Enabling the eaSYNC Booking Plugin

Click on eaSYNC Booking
Switch On the Plugins

Adding Restaurant Branches of Other Locations

Click Branch Locations
Indicate Branch Location Name

Setting the Menu Banner Image

Click on Menu Banner
Click on Select an Image
Select an Image

Setting Up Restaurant Booking Hours and Availability

Customize Booking Time Slots

Adding Food to the Menu

Click on Add New Menu
Indicate Menu Name, Description, and Category
Set Featured Image
Indicate Menu Price

Adding Your Restaurant Booking Page

Copy Restaurant Reservation Shortcode
Click Add New Page
Indicate Page Name and Paste Shortcode
Select Full Width Page Template
Click View Page for Page Preview
Restaurant Reservation Page

Viewing Entries and Accepting Reservations

Calendar Viewing for Reservation Requests
Click Start to Accept Reservation
Customer Reservation Officially Approved

Viewing Entries and Ending Reservations

Calendar Viewing for Reservation Entries
Click End to Terminate Reservation
Customer Reservation Officially Ended

Adding PayPal Sandbox Keys

Place Sandbox Key for PayPal

Adding PayPal Production Keys

Place Production Key for PayPal

Setting Up Currency

Click on Settings
Choose Currency of Choice

Install with Ease the eaSYNC Restaurant Reservation Plugin!



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