Social Media Analytics Best Tool for Beginners: Top Picks

Analytics Tools for Beginner Marketers

The Best Social Media Analytics Tools for Beginner Marketers


Source: Sprout Social.
  • what pages and videos were viewed;
  • conversions; and
  • where visitors come from.
  • Destination;
  • Duration;
  • Page/Screens per Session; and
  • Event Goal.


Source: Zoho Social.
  • Scheduling Your Post. This feature focuses on posting or sharing your content. So with it, you can either follow Zoho’s best-time-to-post-prediction or establish a schedule that suits your audience best.
  • Content Calendar. Zoho allows you to visualize your blog posts with an intuitive content scheduling calendar. As a result, you can post interesting content when your audience is most receptive. Also, it helps spread your posts across different days, saving you from the pain of writer’s block.
  • Monitoring Dashboards. This feature helps monitor your engagements in real-time. So, you can engage with your audience as much as you like! Zoho has multiple listening columns to keep you updated with everything relevant.
  • Analytics Report. Lastly, Zoho’s Analytics Report is arguably the platform’s heart and soul. Zoho helps you understand and acknowledge your audience. Also, you can learn how your audience engages with you on Social Media. Thus, you can efficiently build or create reports based on the stats that matter most.


Source: Agorapulse.
  • a Unified Social Inbox that lets you manage messages, comments, reviews and other engagements in one place;
  • Intuitive Publishing, which helps you plan, collaborate and schedule your content for posting on your channels;
  • Social Listening to help you discover trends and gain insights about your brand, the market, and competitors; and
  • Insightful Analytics for creating actionable reports which reveal what works best for your brand and what doesn’t.




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