What are Rich Snippets in SEO and How to Make Them

What are Rich Snippets?

Here are Other Types of Rich Snippets You Can Apply!

Here are Popular Types of Rich Results!

  • Product Snippets. This snippet type will discuss a particular product and its price, images, and reviews.
Source: Google Search Central.
  • Recipe Snippets. Of course, this type applies mainly to food recipes and includes info on the preparation time, images, and even reviews.
Source: WP Schema Pro.
  • Review Snippets. This will display a star-based rating from either individual reviewers or aggregate reviews from various users.
Source: Google Search Central.
  • Event Snippets. These include information such as an event’s date, time, location, etc.
Source: Elfsight.
  • Video Snippets. This snippet type will display information about the video’s content.
Source: Wave.Video.
  • Top Stories Snippets. These snippets, which show top news stories, only apply to sites approved by Google.
Source: SEMrush.
  • Music Snippets. This snippet type will talk about music, such as its lyrics and potentially the album to which the track belongs.
Source: Search Engine Journal.
  • Company/Organization Snippets. This snippet type will provide information about an organization. So, it usually displays an address and contact information.
Source: Backlinko.

Why are Rich Results so Vital for SEO?

How Your Rich Snippets Can Help Google SEO:

Higher Visibility

Improved Click-Through Rates

More Relevance

What Makes a Rich Snippet?

  • the movie’s duration;
  • the audience reviews or ratings;
  • what images relate to the film and its promo material; and
  • the actors and staff that worked on it.

Creating Rich Results of Your Own

Using Yoast SEO to Create Snippets

Create Snippets with Schema.org Markup

Additional Methods

Final Thoughts



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