WordPress Themes for Law Firms: The Top Five Picks

  • Varied layout possibilities. This way, you don’t have to worry about looking just like another Law Firm!
  • Unique style. Your site needs an exciting design to stand out to potential clients.
  • Custom widgets. After all, WordPress is the one for you if you want customization.
  • Customer support. You might run into some trouble when building and maintaining your website now and then.
  • SEO optimization. Your Law Firm’s website can get more visibility with Search Engine Optimization.
  • Translation. Non-English WordPress downloads have outnumbered English ones ever since 2014.

Theme features your Law Firm website can’t do without:

  • An ‘About Us’ section or page. With such a section in place, interested site visitors can learn about your business, its services, and its values.
  • A ‘Contact Us’ section. It’s vital to ensure that your clients have ways to reach you if they need guidance on law-related matters.
  • An ‘Our Services’ section or page. Particular Law Firms may have specializations. Here, potential clients can see if your firm matches their needs.
  • An ‘Online Appointment Booking’ section or calendar. Your theme needs to allow online bookings. The booking section can include a calendar.
  • A ‘Testimonials’ or ‘What our customers are saying’ section. A Testimonials section gives potential clients insights into your business’ credibility.
  • A ‘Portfolio’ page. To add to your business’ reputation, you need to share some outputs from your past cases.

The Top Five WordPress Themes for Law Firms

Lawyer & Attorney



Lawyer Base


Here are some honorable mentions for Law Firm Themes:

  • Juris
  • Justicia
  • Astra
  • Law Office
  • Revolution
  • 2. Divi
  • O’Connor
  • DeJure
  • Attorna
  • TheGem
  • Privsa

Need to revamp your law practice’s site? Look no further than WordPress Themes.



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